Your very own CFO

What is a CFO?

CFO standard for Chief Financial Officer. A CFO is a senior position within a business that is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs including financial planning, analysis, management of risks and reporting.

Why your business needs a CFO:

There are many factors which makeup a successful business. All to often business owners are already wearing so many hats within your business that the basic bookkeeping and tax compliance gets completed and the rest forgotten about.

You have no idea how useful your numbers are until a CFO is looking after them for you. Think of a CFO as a plumber for your business, they find and fix the leaks.

With cashflow, budgets and financial viability, your CFO looks after the health of your business. The CFO is providing you with the ‘now’ – financial insight and direction to help you make informed decisions in your current circumstances. The CFO ensures the business is running effectively, maximising what you have, remaining profitable and planning for the future – all while minimising your exposure to financial risk and keeping your stress levels down.

A CFO really value-adds to your business.

Why you should outsource to us:

We are aware that many small to medium size businesses are not able to afford a full-time CFO or the business may not be big enough to justify a full-time appointment.

As your chosen CFO professionals, it is our job to know your business and collaborate closely with your team. Our process involves gaining a first-hand understanding of our client’s business at the operational level to ensure our advice is relevant and actionable.

We help you get to the root of any issues through understanding the numbers and empowering you to be able to identify problems early.